Poor Reception in Tripoli, IA and surrounding areas?

Poor Reception in Tripoli, IA and surrounding areas?

Our site surveys can point you in the right direction

If you aren’t getting a clear signal from your antenna, KLR Communications can help. Our site surveys include signal testing for satellite dishes and antennas. We’ll tell you what’s blocking your signal and which spots provide a clear path.

We perform site surveys for residents of Tripoli, IA and the surrounding area. Find out how to get better TV reception by calling KLR Communications now.

Get a strong signal with an antenna survey

Getting ready to install a new antenna? Call KLR Communications in Tripoli, IA to perform an antenna survey. We’ll find the best location for your antenna by looking at a variety of factors, such as:

  • Distance: The closer your antenna is to the TV tower, the stronger your reception will most likely be.
  • Natural features: Trees, hills and other geographic elements can block or deflect waves.
  • Man-made features: Buildings and electronic devices can also interfere with transmission.

Don’t settle for a blurry picture and weak transmission. Call KLR Communications today to schedule an antenna survey.